Here I Go…

Typing these words for my very first blog entry is the scariest thing I have ever done (and I have done quite a few relatively scary things). With these words I am putting myself out into the universe to be criticized and judged on my writing and thoughts.

It’s not my thoughts I am too worried about but my writing that has me quaking in my boots. The question that frequently crosses my mind is: Am I a good writer?

I am hoping to be a young adult book editor but without some sort of writing skill I won’t be good at my job. How can I tell an author how to write or re-write a section of their book if I can’t write myself?  I’m not sure I want to write a book but I know I want to edit them.

I don’t have a problem with helpful criticism but my worst fear is to be told I am a horrible writer and have no future.

So, I decided to jump all in. It’s taken the better part of a year to get up the courage to do so but here I am.

I keep telling myself I am a good writer and writing a blog will help me develop and show off my mad skills.

And yes I get the irony that I am scared of people judging my writing when I will be do the same thing when I review books.

Feel free to comment or give constructive criticism but say it with tact not with meanness.

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