Hi, My name is Liberty and I’m a Book Hoarder

If you met me on the street today you would think, “now she is a wonderful woman who has her head on straight.”

But back home I have a secret. I am a book hoarder. There I have said it. Ahhhh, I feel better.

Bookcase #1

I don’t plan on changing. I love reading and I feel better when I am surrounded by books.

A home is not a home without wall-to-wall books.  I have three bookcases in the living room and two stacks of books in my room. My roommate thinks I need to be like Beyonce, who bought an apartment for her shoes except mine would have books.

Yes, my books are in alphabetical order.

Bookcase #2

Luckily for my roommate I have cleaned out a box full of books that I know I will not be able to read.

I do give away books I have already read and know I will not read again. So, technically I’m not a real hoarder.

I also went through all the books at my parents’ house and decided to get rid of a whole bookcase of books. I still have a lot more there though.

Bookcase #3

If you look at my page titled Books Read in 2012 you will see I do a lot of reading. My goal is to read 53 books this year.  I am close to my goal.

Right now I am taking a break from reading all those books in my bookshelves because I have a thesis due in December and I need to finish it.

When I read everything is put on hold until the last page is turned.

Stack of unread books

You are probably wondering why I don’t get e-books.  I don’t like the screens.

I stare at computers all day at work and for school and the last thing I want to do when I am trying to escape into a book is stare at a screen.

Stack of read books

However, I did just get Life of Pi and Cloud Atlas. I like to read the book before I see the movie.

Let me know if you like to hoard books too by commenting.

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