Techno-dependent is my New Normal

Living in New York has brought me closer to my i-Phone, i-Pad, i-Pod and Macbook.  But sometimes I feel like I am half human, half (Apple) machine.  I feel the need to tweet that NBC’s Smash is filming at the Flatiron Building again or Facebook the crazy weather NYC is having. Now I’ve joined tumblr.

I just watched The New Normal on my i-Pad. In the episode the characters were spending too much time tweeting, instant messaging and shopping. The characters decided to give up phone, tablets, and computers for one day a week.  (It was a very good episode and I hope it stays around awhile.)

This time last year I would have said “that is so easy” but now I think it would be hard.

I live in a place where people are always using their phone for something; listening to music and using their Bluetooth device. (Confusion ensues when people use that thing).

When I first moved here I just watched, then I thought “why not?”. Now constantly using technology is my New Normal.

After I graduate I am going to give up technology for a whole day once a week.  (Just think how much reading I will be able to get done.)

I may learn to sew, start scrapbooking, or practice juggling. There are myriad possibilities.

What would you do if you had a whole day with out technology once a week?

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