My first NYC Blizzard!

Snow Angel

This is my first Snow Angel! I wasn’t really sure how to get out without messing it up, hence the footprints and handprint.

Snowy SidewalkWhen I went outside this morning New Yorkers were already out and about doing their thing shoveling and salting the sidewalk.  My sidewalk was still completely covered in snow. I decided to play by throwing snowballs which disintegrated as soon as I threw it. I made handprints in the snow and I jumped in and out of untouched snow (not sure why but it was fun!). Footprints

When I looked up, everyone down both sides of the street had stopped to watch me. It’s like they have never seen an adult woman make a fool of herself in the snow. I waved and continued to play!

I even talked my roommate and her beloved puppy to come out and running in snowjoin me in the snow. I think they had fun for about five minutes then the high snow became to much for the pooch.

Snow mushroomsThe next order of business is to make a snowman. I have never made one.  I am trying to bribe my roommate into helping me with a free sandwich from the corner deli. I’ll let you know if it works.

Pooch in snow

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