I woke up blue

I don’t mean that figuratively. I mean it literally. I blue myself.

While I wait for renovations to begin and end at my apartment I have been sleeping on an air mattress with a sleeping bag. Until yesterday, I had sheets and used the sleeping bag as a bed spread. But I washed the sheets and didn’t feel like putting them on the air mattress again so I slept in the sleeping bag.

kiss animated GIF

The inside of the sleeping bag is mostly blue and I guess the color rubbed off on my skin because when I hopped in the shower this morning the water turned blue as it ran down my body. I used my body puff to scrub as much of the blue off but, unfortunately, it did not survive the battle. My once white puff is now tainted.

I’m just glad I was wearing a t-shirt and underwear because I could have woken up with blue boobs and a blue ass like Mystique from X-Men! Except I don’t look this good.

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