Mother Nature is laughing

According to the weather app on my iPhone the high for Friday in NYC will be 70 degrees. It’s also suppose to rain.


Does anyone else feel like this is a late April Fools joke from Mother Nature and instead of warm temperatures and rain we will wake up with freezing temps and snow on the ground? I’m sure if we listen closely we can hear Mother Nature giggling with delight.

Every season is magical.

At the beginning of the winter season I was worried it was going to be a mild winter. I really wanted to play in the snow. My two goals for the season 1) make a snow angel and 2) make a snowman.

That first snow day I was so excited. I played in the snow and made a snow angel. First goal down! But the snow was too fluffy to make a snowman.

Each snowfall added to the last making huge snowpiles on the sidewalks and streets. But it was the untouched snow that really got me excited. I’m not sure what it was but I really liked leaving my boot print or hand print or writing something in the untouched snow.

When it snowed on the first day of spring it was like a final farewell from Jack Frost for the year.

I will miss the snow and the magical, child-like excitement that went along with fresh snowfall.

Now I can get ready for spring. I can’t wait to take walks (reading breaks on benches) in Central Park or ride my bike through the city.

I need to make plans for all the things goals I want to accomplish this spring. NYC needs to be explored!

Each season brings out a new me. A new, hopeful, ready to tackle anything me.

gif courtesy Imgur

What to wear?

any more clothes

I never know what to wear in NYC.  It’s cold outside but since I am walking everywhere or on the subway packed like a sardine or going into buildings where the heat is on high it can get pretty hot.  So how do I dress? What do I wear? If I dress in layers then I always have to carry around a layer or two when I am in a building.  I don’t even like to carry my purse so adding something else to it is just asking for a grumpy girl.

hat and earmuffsThen there is the hat issue.  I wash and dry my hair in the morning and the last thing I want to do is wear a hat which can cause sweating and flat hair.  But I know my ears will get cold if I don’t.  I did find some very nice and big earmuffs in Chinatown to solve this problem. Yes, people stare but I decided not to take it as judgement but as, “ooh, look at those cool earmuffs.”  When it is really cold I double up and wear the hat and the earmuffs. It is a very attractive look.

Sometimes I wear the hood of my coat but that comes with its own issues. If4-up on 12-7-12 at 3.15 PM #3 the wind blows too hard then it falls off. If I tie it on then I get claustrophobic and somehow end up tying my hair into knot.

bunhead coldToday I woke up late and decided to wear my hair in a bun.  Bun-head and hat-head do not work well together.  Also I never realized how much warmth my hair actually gives me.  Luckily one of the layers I brought with me has a high collar and I zipped that baby up to keep my neck and ears warm.

If I’m not going to get another blizzard, so I can make my first snowman, then I want spring to come right now.  I’m not ready for summer because that also brings in a whole array of issues, i.e. sweating, makeup melting off, pit stains on nice work clothes, freshly washed hair looking greasy and wet from sweating, being on the subway with people who really need to invest in deodarant etc.

Any New York tips would be greatly appreciated!

My first NYC Blizzard!

Snow Angel

This is my first Snow Angel! I wasn’t really sure how to get out without messing it up, hence the footprints and handprint.

Snowy SidewalkWhen I went outside this morning New Yorkers were already out and about doing their thing shoveling and salting the sidewalk.  My sidewalk was still completely covered in snow. I decided to play by throwing snowballs which disintegrated as soon as I threw it. I made handprints in the snow and I jumped in and out of untouched snow (not sure why but it was fun!). Footprints

When I looked up, everyone down both sides of the street had stopped to watch me. It’s like they have never seen an adult woman make a fool of herself in the snow. I waved and continued to play!

I even talked my roommate and her beloved puppy to come out and running in snowjoin me in the snow. I think they had fun for about five minutes then the high snow became to much for the pooch.

Snow mushroomsThe next order of business is to make a snowman. I have never made one.  I am trying to bribe my roommate into helping me with a free sandwich from the corner deli. I’ll let you know if it works.

Pooch in snow

Snow: A Magical Event!

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?”  ~J. B. Priestley

While I did not wake up to the snow it was just as magical. My first snowfall in New York was fantastic.

I was like a kid, screaming “IT’S SNOWING!” This is my first snowfall in New York. But my excitement didn’t seem to upset anyone on the street. They seemed to really enjoy the snow as well. There were a lot more people riding bikes and walking than I thought there would be.

I really wanted to make a snow angel but by the time I got ready my landlady and neighbors were already shoveling the snow.

They were working hard. One even pulled out this lawn mower looking thing that shoots the snow off to the side. It was kind of cool.

Considering it was still snowing and there is more to come overnight I couldn’t understand why they were shoveling. I think it would be more slippery. But I guess you have to stay ahead of the snow to make it easier in the morning. At least that is my theory. Feel free to correct me or give a new theory.

I went outside to take pictures and my shoes actually crunched when I stepped onto the snow.

The wind whipped the snow against my face. I could see and feel the snowflakes on my lashes.

The snow covered the screen on my camera to the point I couldn’t even see the pictures I was taking; hence the one that looks like asteroids are zipping across the sky.

Sadly, meteorologists are saying the weekend will be in the 60’s.  While this saddens me I am sure this won’t be the last snowfall of the year.

I can’t wait for more snow. I have to enjoy it as much as I can now because I know at some point the snow will just annoy me. But right now I am going to be that annoying person who gets excited every time she sees snow.