New York Comic Con 2013 – T-shirts Are Cool


New York Comic Con isn’t always about the costumes. Sometimes you can say a lot with just a T-Shirt.


NYCC 2013 was my very first Con. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure if wearing a costume was an unwritten rule and I would be looked down upon because I didn’t wear a one.


I decided not to wear a costume. I’ve been to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and know the temperatures can vary depending on where you are and how many people are in the area. Also, I didn’t want to wrestle a costume during bathroom breaks. The stalls are teeny, tiny. I wore jeans and plain shirts.


When I arrived I saw tons of costumes but I also saw people in jeans and shirts just like me. I felt so much better. I also bought a few fun T-shirts to wear to next year’s Comic Con. Here are a few more fun T’s. Let me know which one is your favorite.


I was walking by a really long autograph line and this woman caught my eye because of the book she was reading (Huge Penis), the Doctor Who lunchbox and the red bow tie. No one should underestimate this woman. I bet she has a plethora of hidden talents.


New York Comic Con 2013 – Children of the Comic Con 2


Sunday saw an invasion of more people under the age of 18 at New York Comic Con.  But, it was the kind of invasion that no one really minds; mostly, because they were so darn cute!


You would think with all the scary and spooky cosplayers walking the halls of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center that many kids would be screaming and crying, but no, they were just as excited to see the villians as much as the heroes from their favorite show or comic book. Even some dressed up as villains! Who doesn’t love a great Serpentor! By the way, his father hand-made this costume.



Some even had fun with the decorations. This kid is about to deliver a swift kick to Spiderman. Don’t worry Spiderman didn’t suffer too much because this little boy’s mom came over and saved the balloon from more kicks.


Not every kid came in costume but some had a unique way of standing out, like this 17-year-old who decided to give back to the NYCC community.

IMG_1194These little boys were waiting in line with their parents to get a picture with Sir Patrick Stewart.


Kids dressed up as Doctor Who and his TARDIS! Gotta love that!


Here are some kids who looked so cute I have to post their picture again.

IMG_1137 IMG_1136 IMG_1179

Doctor Who’s Loving You? Me That’s Who.

I decided to jump on the Doctor Who: The Complete First Series bandwagon and watch the first two episodes of the first season starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose.

I like the Doctor and how everything is a joke to him but when push comes to shove he can be serious. I also love his impish grin that lights up his whole face; makes me smile and eager to see what comes next.


I hope to learn more about the Time Lords. If they have the ability to travel through time couldn’t they have figured out how to change the war or end it before the planet was destroyed.


So far Rose seems inquisitive but mopey. She is on an adventure of a lifetime; meeting alien races and traveling through time she should be having the time of her life but she seems homesick. The Tardis is a time machine so she can always go back to the exact point in time she left and nothing would be amiss but she would have all these experiences.

I did like the way she was able to save the Doctor, her coward of a boyfriend and do a Tarzan like move to take down the Plastics. Another part I like is when she yelled at Cassandra the Last Human.

I can see why the human race died out. How could they procreate when humans are flat pieces of skin with veins? I did think it was funny how the writers took our obsession of wrinkle free, tight skin and thin bodies to the extreme.


The Doctor has seen planet earth come to an end from a space station that can withstand the heat and debris of a supernova but can’t seem to run his ship without pumping or spinning some contraption? I would think he would have some awesome technology on the Tardis that he would have gotten from other times and alien races.

Before posting this I saw the third and fourth episode and it gets so much better.  Seems to leave the viewer with more questions than answers at the end of the episode though.  I can’t wait to figure out what “Bad Wolf” means, it keeps popping up in the episodes.