Union Square Excursion (part 3)

Union Square

The Union Square Christmas Market is in full swing. If you don’t know what to get that special someone as a gift, walk around the tents to get some ideas.

Hanami Real Flower Jewelry

Hanami Real Flower Jewelry

The first thing that caught my attention were these beautiful necklaces. They are real orchid flowers covered in resin from Hanami Real Flower Jewelry.  Not sure about the necklace? You can get earrings, broaches and hair clips too.

Sock Puppet Madness

I also came across these strange, yet adorable sock puppets at the Sock Puppet Madness booth. If you don’t want a Sock Puppet then you could get a Sock Puppet Portrait.

These pictures make me giggle.

Sock Puppet Madness

Monkey Business

Seasonal Illuminations Gel Candles

Looking for a more traditional toy for a kid in your life? Then what could be more traditional than a marionette?  Monkey Business has quite a few to choose from. They even have unique hanging art and ornaments.

Need to get a white elephant gift for someone at work? Get them a Seasonal Illuminations Gel Candle. It’s not an ordinary candle; these come with fruit or flowers inside, plus they smell very good.

Tribal Home

This Holiday Season why not give a gift to your home? Beautiful lamps with colors to brighten up any home would make the perfect gift FOR your home. Check out the Tribal Home booth.

Looking for art that is fun, colorful and calls out to the kid in you? Edie Art has some great pieces that I would

Edie Art

love to have in my home. They are imaginative pieces that will make you smile.

The Secret Life of Toys

Not sure what to get the man in your life who loves movies and their corresponding action figures. Then you need to check out The Secret Life of Toys booth.  Where else can you see Buzz Lightyear drinking beer and getting buzz? Perfect artwork for the man who doesn’t want to grow up.

The Secret Life of Toys


Now these are just a few of the booths they have available. So get out there and enjoy NYC by shopping at the Union Square Holiday Market.

While the market is fun and you may want to buy and buy. Beware. Check their return policy BEFORE purchasing. Yours truly did not and now I am stuck with something that doesn’t fit. I am looking into selling it on eBay or Craigslist.


Union Square Excursion (part 3) is postponed until tomorrow.

I’m not really sure why but I could not fall asleep last night until about 8:30 this morning.  I only let myself sleep for three hours this morning because I have tons of homework and a thesis paper.

Later this week I will blog about making my mom’s Dressing recipe. It’s a multi-step process and takes two days to make.

Depending on my back (which still hurts for some reason) I may make another excursion into an area of Manhattan. Still deciding on which area to visit.

Plus, I’m planning on going to my first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (if my back cooperates). Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am on the hunt for New York themed Christmas ornaments to give as gifts to little kids. Know a place? Let me know, please.

Union Square Excursion (part 1)

Union Square

Today I enjoyed the beautiful NYC weather while visiting Union Square. My roommate and I got a bagel and coffee first at The Bean.

The baristas were very helpful.  I don’t like the taste of strong coffee, so I usually stick to Folgers Coffee or McDonald’s coffee. The barista recommended a café au lait with almond milk.  Once I added six Equal packets it was pretty good.

Strand Bookstore

After filling our bellies we visited Strand Bookstore.

The legendary bookstore boasts “18 miles of new, used and rare books.”  It does not disappoint.  I felt at home surrounded by all those books.  It made me happy to see so many people enjoying the books.  I did notice quite a few people get annoyed when I said “excuse me” to get by them in a narrow aisle, but I decided since they were enjoying the books so much to let it slide.

I found Christmas cards that were New York themed and a T-shirt that my brother will love. I also found a great collection of old books. They were

Inside Strand Bookstrore

leather bound with gold embossed pages.

While walking around I came across published versions of several of my Advanced Reader Copy books.  Many of my ARC copies did not have complete artwork so it was great to see the finished product.

I plan of visiting Strand quite often. If you are a bibliophile this would be a great place to visit on your next trip to The Big Apple.

Which U.S. President was born in New York City? Find out tomorrow when I tell you more about my Union Square Excursion.