It’s National Blog Posting Month!


November 1st is a big day. Many people woke up with candy and alcohol hangovers. Others are celebrating All Saint’s Day; while others are posting a blog for National Blog Posting Month.

Usually, during the first week of November I am very motivated to post for NaBloPoMo but when the second week rolls around I start feeling overwhelmed. When I try to come up with a new blog post my brain empties of all thought which can be extremely frustrating.


Now I know I don’t have to post a 500-word post every single day as long as I post something. Not all of my posts are going to be pearls of wisdom and I’m going to try and be ok with that.


I am excited to participate in this endeavor because I know it will get my creative juices flowing. I may shake things up and just go crazy, wild, funky, think-out-of-the-box when posting. I just don’t know I guess we all will see.

National Blog Posting Month


November seems to be the month that many groups, clubs, associations, etc have chosen to be their month to advertise, unify, hold contests and, in my case, write our asses off.

This is National Blog Posting Month and I will do my best to write a blog everyday. I know it’s going to be hard especially considering I am also trying to write my thesis paper so I can finish my Master’s degree.

Feel free to leave comments because this month I am going for quantity, so topics may be a little silly.